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How a New York Jeweler Made Her Family Business a Hit on the Internet October 22, 2022 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Alexis Jae's family had been selling jewelry for over 75 years. When it was her time to take the reins of the business, she couldn't help but notice the potential in e-commerce.

[Image via Alexis Jae Jewelry]

This was when she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The first step was establishing a Shopify store. The move allowed her company to reach a much larger audience and let Jae adopt various business practices and policies that set her business apart. 

"Once we launched our website on Shopify and began using their analytics tools, we discovered that our jewelry not only resonates with urban women but also with men from less densely populated areas who are shopping for gifts, and who want beautiful and high-quality jewelry, as opposed to name-brand jewelry," she revealed in an interview.

"Early on, using the analytics tools provided by Shopify and Google, we learned a lot about who comprised our customer base and then began focusing on ways to market to this expanded group of people," the entrepreneur added.

Jae has some tips for those who want to adopt the online business model. Instead of meddling with things and features that could slow down her website, Jae decided to hire a web developer. "This was a more costly option, but I found it was a great investment," she revealed in the interview.

Jae opened up about the importance of good product photography on the site.

"Having crystal-clear, professional-looking product photography is not just important, it's essential, and it's something we continue to work on since we're selling high-end jewelry products and it's essential that our product photography nicely showcases each product in a classy way that conveys its beauty and value," she noted in the interview.

"We have a professional product photographer on call who photographs every new jewelry piece for the website, as well as a different photographer who creates the lifestyle images used throughout the website," Jae added.

Are you interested in learning more about Jae's journey to revamping her family business? Access the entire interview.

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