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Instagram’s New AI Advertising Can Be a Hit With Jewelry Retailers October 23, 2022 (0 comments)

Instagram AR ad

San Francisco, CA--Instagram has been an effective tool for retailers. It's a highly visual way to connect with your audience and showcase the appealing side of your business.

[Image via Instagram]

For jewelry businesses, Instagram can help drive new customers by making their store and products look appealing and helping them connect with potential customers.

Instagram, like Facebook, also focuses on advertisements, allowing businesses much flexibility with how they want to display ads and promote themselves.

Now, a new feature by the popular social media platform allows businesses to take digital ads to the next level. Augmented Reality (AR) is a new tool for advertisers who want to make the best of Instagram advertising.

The AR feature can be great for jewelry businesses as it can help them display their products in a new light.

The feature, per Instagram, is available in both Stories and Feed. It offers an "immersive" experience that encourages people to interact more with the brand.  

Learn more about it here.

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