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How TV and Social Media Took This Family Jeweler’s Sales to the Next Level February 13, 2023 (0 comments)


Ozark, MO--While many jewelry stores struggle to attract customers, especially on weekdays, Mitchum Jewelers is bucking the trend with its proactive approach to sales and marketing.

[Image via Mitchum Jewelers/Facebook]

Owner Randy Mitchum has implemented several key strategies to ensure a steady stream of customers. These include shifting the store's marketing strategy from radio to TV advertising, focusing on bridal sales, and using social media to build a robust online presence.

As highlighted in a report, one of the hallmarks of Mitchum's approach is the use of TV and YouTube advertisements that showcase his connections with customers. "My wife Kristie and I have lived here forever, and people know us. We appear in the commercials, exchanging witty and clever comments, alongside testimonials from customers who share how much they love coming here," Mitchum says in the report.

Another key strategy is the store's focus on bridal sales and understanding diamonds. "We're not just a store that sells diamonds. We're a store that specializes in understanding diamonds and sharing that knowledge to educate our customers," Mitchum explains. This focus has led to solid sales in the natural diamond segment, obviating the need to carry lab-grown stones.

Mitchum has also embraced social media, with an employee tasked with creating daily content, resulting in high customer engagement within a 100-mile radius. "Our engagement with our customers is very high," Mitchum says. He intends to increase the budget to stay in front of customers and their friends.

The store attracts old and new customers, and the 20-40-year-old demographic is a target for building long-lasting relationships and trust. Randy wants to attract younger, newly married couples starting families and embarking on professional careers.

"The fact that Mitchum Jewelers is thriving even on weekdays is a testament to Randy's innovative and effective approach to sales and marketing," said a spokesperson for the Ozark Chamber of Commerce, per the report.

Read the entire report for more about Mitchum Jewelers' social media success.

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