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It’s Official: Pearls For Men Definitely Are ‘A Thing’ |  November 24, 2021 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—By now you know the famous fashion adage that three times makes a trend. In that case, pearls passed the trend marker a long time ago. The quintessential “always in, just sometimes more in than others” category, right now pearls are officially “a thing,” and it’s a good bet you’ll have requests for them this holiday season., an online fashion magazine, recently posted this article about pearl jewelry. 

Though it's not exactly a new trend, it's a welcome reminder that a) everyone looks great in a pearl necklace, and b) they can dress up any outfit, no matter the occasion. Today's pearl necklaces are still polished, but more playful and more amenable to casual, everyday wear. They'll come in a variety of lengths and sizes, adorned with fun charms or slick hardware, to fit whatever mood you're in or vibe you're going for,” says the Fashionista article.

First there were a spate of pearl engagement rings, such as those on celebrities Ariana Grande, Emma Stone, and Michelle Williams. Then Kate Middleton made simple drop earrings a must-have; another perfect way to use pearls. Meanwhile, a new comprehensive consumer study revealed that younger consumers—age 25-35—are particularly interested in pearls and are less likely to associate them with “granny style” than older consumers. 

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What is new, however, are pearls on men. While simple pearl studs and cufflinks have always been a precious-but-discreet addition to a formal tuxedo shirt, fashion-forward men are donning pearl strands of the traditional granny variety. Take, for instance, rapper A$AP Rocky, photographed in High Snobriety, which says “watch this space” about the popularity of pearls on men. 

Then there’s Refinery 29’s photo of British heartthrob singer, actor, and fashion icon Harry Styles wearing a pearl necklace, and designer Marc Jacobs’ Instagram selfie (top image) of the classic “clutching pearls” moment. And Marie Claire’s photo roundup of men in pearls, including the Jonas Brothers, Billy Porter, Pharrell Williams—who paired a classic pearl strand with what looked like a baroque pearl and ruby necklace—and, finally, Shawn Mendes, who tweaked the trend and wore a pearl waistcoat chain with a raspberry-colored Louis Vuitton suit to the Grammys.

Marie Claire magazine featured this photo of Shawn Mendes wearing a pearl waistcoat chain. Photo, Amy Sussman for Marie Claire.

And of course there’s Joc Pederson, the Atlanta Braves’ right fielder who helped lead his team to World Series victory earlier this month and catapulted pearls to fame when he began wearing a strand of pearls for the playoffs on September 29. That naturally led Braves fans to don theirs for every game as well.

Jeweler Gabe Arik of Happy Jewelers in Fullerton, CA, who made Pederson’s necklace, said sales of pearls, especially to men, have been going through the roof since Pederson began wearing them.

As jewelers know, one of the best advantages of pearls is how easy they are to suit any customer, from bohemian to classic, low budget to high, and everything in between. They’re also a great option for the rapidly increasing number of sustainability-minded consumers, because the oysters that produce them require clean water and careful handling, making pearls the one true renewable, eco-friendly gemstone.

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