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Jewelry Retailers Unveil the Secrets of Successful Radio Ads May 24, 2023 (0 comments)

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Greensboro, NC--Radio advertising, often overlooked, can offer critical lessons for businesses, particularly local jewelry stores. 

[Image via Pixabay Commons]

A report by SJN looks at the experiences of jewelry store owners with radio advertising to come up with three lessons. The first lesson stresses creating a compelling brand message beyond generic claims of "finest selection" or "best prices." By establishing a unique voice and relatable characters, businesses can create an appealing personality that sets them apart.

The second lesson involves maximizing reach and frequency. Radio advertising has an impressive capacity to reach broad audiences, including potential future customers. Businesses should aim for a frequency of 2-7 ad views to provoke action, which is often challenging for digital campaigns.

The final lesson is balancing customer bonding and sales activation. Successful businesses build enduring relationships through bonding efforts while catering to customers ready to purchase. Sales activation ads create urgency, encouraging immediate action, whereas customer bonding efforts secure future business.

Learn more in the report on SJN.

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