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How Studs and M.M.LaFleur Craft Their Store Events May 24, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Direct-to-consumer companies like Studs and M.M.LaFleur are innovating their brand marketing through targeted events at their physical locations, a shift from the conventional press-driven parties.

[Image via M.M.LaFleur]

According to a report by Glossy, Studs, with its 19 studios, has refined its event objectives to drive jewelry purchases and piercings, while M.M.LaFleur utilizes a tripartite strategy involving corporate events, customer-focused promotions, and collaborations with other brands.

Industry expert Brent Vartan emphasized in the report the potential of using physical stores as platforms for unique, offline experiences akin to Warby Parker's successful in-person service model. For instance, Studs focused on enhancing piercing sales as they correlate with a higher customer lifetime value. The report noted that the brand successfully experiments with promotions online before implementing them in-store, as demonstrated by their profitable mystery earring gumball machine campaign.

In the report, Vartan encourages brands to view stores as interactive advertising platforms, generating memorable, share-worthy customer experiences. This tailored approach to in-store events, leveraging the unique strengths of physical locations, is essential for brands to optimize investments and secure a competitive edge in the market.

Learn more in the Glossy report.

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