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Maximize Your Holiday Marketing with Augmented Reality Technology November 17, 2023 (0 comments)


Washington, DC--The holiday season is critical for retailers, presenting a unique opportunity for increased consumer spending and lasting brand impact. Augmented reality (AR) emerges as an essential tool, placing consumers at the forefront of interactive brand stories. Web-based AR (WebAR) further simplifies this process, operating within web browsers without app downloads.

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Boosting Sales and Online Engagement

An article in Marketing Dive looks at how WebAR blends the convenience of online shopping with the in-store browsing experience. Customers can virtually try products in their environment, fostering a more intimate and personalized shopping journey. It gives the example of  Bloomingdale, which utilized WebAR for its 150th Anniversary Collection, resulting in a 22% boost in shopping conversion and a 38% increase in engagement rates.

The article states that customers are ready to pay up to 40% more for products they can preview through AR. This technology encourages purchases, enhances post-purchase satisfaction, and reduces return rates post-holidays.

Revitalizing In-store Shopping with AR

AR also redefines in-store shopping experiences. Retailers can integrate AR-powered games and challenges, offering exclusive discounts and engaging activities. Microsoft's "Minecraft Quest" at Big W stores in Australia is an example, leading to a 250% increase in product sales and significantly higher customer engagement.

Creating Unforgettable Brand Connections

The holiday season calls for unique brand-customer interactions. AR offers a platform for memorable experiences, from interactive showrooms to engaging brand games. According to Accenture, half of the consumers recall brands more vividly when engaged through immersive technologies.

Coca-Cola's Treecording WebAR campaign in South America is a notable example. It transformed sound waves into virtual Christmas trees, achieving over a million unique visits with a high share rate, demonstrating the power of AR in creating personal and shareable brand experiences.

Learn more in the entire article on Marketing Dive.

Check out Bloomingdale's campaign below:

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