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One Great Thing I Did Last Year (That You Can Do This Year): Traveling Jewelry Clinics |  May 26, 2015 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—In our ongoing series titled One Great Thing I Did Last Year (That You Can Do This Year)," The Centurion asks retailers to tell us about one outstanding thing they did in 2014 that turned out really well. This week, Bambi Johnson of Paul Johnson Jewelers in Scottsdale, AZ, shares her insight.

It started eight or nine years ago when Paul Johnson Jewelers was invited to a local, privately owned retirement community for a ‘Traveling Jewelry Clinic.’  “We’re celebrating 70 years in business in the Valley and found that many of our aging clients from over the years now live in these communities. Many, even most, do not drive any longer,” said Johnson. But he feels it’s the business’s time in the community that makes this system work. “We’re a trusted name, this is why we're able to hold these Jewelry Clinics.”

The clinics treat a wide variety of needs. “We offer not only batteries and magnetic clasps; we also offer appraisals and cleaning when possible. We found many of the residents wanted to purchase new jewelry, so we bring that along as well. If we don't have a particular item with us, we go back and get it for the client and make the sale.”

Most clinics last about three hours. “My husband Clark, a bench jewelers does the clasps and batteries, etc. that can be done on site. If the repair needs additional attention, we take it back to the store and then return it to the customer when it’s ready. We also help the clients liquidate small and large estates and do written appraisals.

For Johnson, the community aspect matters, as well as the sales. “For the past five years, Paul Johnson Jewelers annually contracts with the City of Scottsdale to sponsor two nationally acclaimed Senior Centers. This has been also very rewarding and brings in a lot of business.“  

Interior of Paul Johnson Jewelers

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