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Reviving Fashion Retail and Navigating Post-Lockdown Challenges November 02, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--With the easing of lockdown norms, fashion retailers are bracing for the challenge of rekindling consumer interest amid new social norms.

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The 'Work from Home' culture and a lack of social events have significantly dampened the demand for fashion apparel.

According to an Indian Retailer article, retailers anticipate a gradual return of demand, particularly with the upcoming festive season, through various customer-centric initiatives. Some of them are as follows:

Product Innovation

Retailers focus on product innovation, like comfortable work-from-home apparel and fashionable PPE, to meet new consumer needs. Safety features in clothing are becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Integrated Inventory Management

Omnichannel strategies are crucial, with trends showing a preference for online shopping over brick-and-mortar stores. Merging online and offline inventory systems is essential for providing seamless customer service.

Launch of Product Alerts

Product alerts inform customers about new stock, exclusive offers, and price changes, encouraging them to visit stores. Automated messaging based on past interactions can enhance customer targeting.

Promotional Offers and Sales

Brands are rolling out promotions, add-ons, and early sales to attract customers and clear inventory. Exclusive shopping appointments offer a safer, more personalized experience for loyal customers.

Customer Wish List

Digital 'window shopping' has increased, and notifying customers of wish list items on offer can drive store visits. Retailers are leveraging digital content consumption to stimulate in-store traffic.

Learn more in the entire Indian Retailer article.

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