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Shopify: Google Is Prioritizing Site Speed. Are You? April 28, 2021 (0 comments)


Ottawa, ON—Without changing keyword strategy or producing more marketing content, websites will show up higher in Google searches for one simple reason: they load fast. But for retailers with large sites, intensive graphics, and hundreds (if not thousands) of SKUs, speed can be a challenge, says popular e-commerce platform Shopify.

Shopify Plus says your site speed impacts everything from SEO to checkout: 79% of customers dissatisfied with a site won’t come back, and 57% of shoppers have left a slow site to shop with competitors. As a result, milliseconds could be costing you money. 

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Shopify Plus suggests sectioning your online store into discovery, browsing, and checkout, and offers a new guide, The Ultimate Guide To Speed,to help retailers optimize their website’s speed and boost conversions. 

Shopify Plus’s The Ultimate Guide To Speed says, “Custom code and integrations can harm your load time—and organic search ranking. Find out how minification and lazy loading keep your site lean and nimble, and what’s even more important to cut than large images. 

Other things that can slow down an online store, resulting in lost sales, include third-party scripts, stylesheets, fonts, limited bandwidth, no cache loading, and more.

Many sites take as much as six seconds to load, four full seconds above the recommended two seconds. Just shaving off a few seconds can make a tremendous difference. Read more about site speed on

Click here to learn more and download the Shopify guide. (Note: Shopify and Wordpress are the two most popular e-commerce platforms for jewelers. Read a comparison of them here.)

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