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Signet CEO Gina Drosos Unravels Customer Engagement Secrets March 11, 2022 (0 comments)

Gina Drosos

Merrick, NY--Gina Drosos knows how to change things. She did that when she became the CEO of Signet Jewelers when the company wasn't known for its agility or efficiency.

"It really wasn't a place that people were excited to be part of." she recalls in Fortune's "Leadership Next" podcast.

Things changed soon for Signet, as the company achieved incredible growth during the pandemic.

How did Drosos pull it off? The CEO, who oversees 10 major jewelry brands, talks about transforming a brand during a raging pandemic. Was it about aggressive sales or coming back to the fundamentals of a business to refine those same sales channels? 

"We were undergoing a transformation as we came into COVID," she tells co-hosts Alan Murray and Ellen McGirt in the podcast. "Signet was a bit behind, especially in e-commerce. But we had started to transform our company."

Establishing a prominent presence online was a game-changer for Signet, as the team could now access their inventory from everywhere. 

Drosos also talks about how listening helped her with generating "terrific ideas" around how to do things differently and better. "When I became CEO, I went on a listening tour, where I basically did focus groups with our employees in all parts of the world and asked them what was great about the company and what wasn't," Drosos says in the podcast.

Drosos talks about leadership, customer engagement, and much more in the podcast; access it here.

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