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Six Jewelry Trends That Matter This Summer Into Fall |  July 14, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Summer might be half over, but there’s still another whole half to go, including the biggest vacation month of August. And you know people love to shop for jewelry on vacation. Image: WhoWhatWear

Here’s what top fashion website WhoWhatWear identified as the six top jewelry trends that matter for summer (and into fall), culled from their editors’ perusing of Instagram influencers. Lots of these trends are super-easy for you to stock and sell, especially if you’re looking to tap into the female-self purchase market and introduce some lower-priced goods to bring new customers into the fine-jewelry world.

Trend #1: Pearls!

No matter how many times we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: these are not your Grandma’s pearls. And even if you do have your Grandma’s pearls, you can up the fashion factor by layering them with gold necklaces (top image, WhoWhatWear.)

Another advantage? It’s never been better than now to dive into the baroque, the tiny, and the otherwise irregularly shaped styles that keep costs down for your younger customers, and offer a more elegant, sophisticated high-end version for your artsy or more mature customers.

Mastoloni’s Aida Charm Hoop (small) in 14k yellow gold with diamond accents and Marisa Shiny Necklace 14KT Yellow Gold 6-6.5 mm feshwater pearl necklace at 36″ also incorporates popular paper-clip links.

Trend #2: Belly chains for the young and taut are necklaces and belts for the rest of us.

With summer 2021 fashion showing lots of bare midriffs, it’s no surprise jewelry is being tapped to fill in the expanse of bare skin between top and bottom. Before you say “that’s not my customer!” realize that any good long chain with a clasp can qualify as a belly chain—and that your customers who long ago left that trend behind can still wear the same piece, just as a necklace (long or doubled) or to belt a tunic. Jacquie Aiche offers this body chain layered over simple camisoles or peeking out from under sleek blazers. 14k gold with 0.36 ctw of diamonds:

Gumuchian’s 18k white gold 36” necklace has seven small diamond pavé daisy flower motifs with diamond centers. Round brilliant cut diamonds, approximately 1.54 ctw.:

Trend #3 Statement rings.

These can be playful and colorful and inexpensive like resin, or they can be beautiful gemstone pieces that will last forever. Evoke the summer mood with this medium Venus Wave band in abalone, white mother of pearl and diamond (0.34ctw) from Frederic Sage (below top), or rings from the Mykonos collection inspired by the Aegean Sea and architecture of the Kyclades. Sky Blue topaz is framed in white agate and diamonds in 18K yellow gold. Doves by Doron Paloma.

Trend #4: Beaded Necklaces.

Another one of those perennial favorite categories, beads are having a moment this year. Go playful or go for the real thing that’s timeless, such as this Phoenician gold multi-strand necklace with mixed gold beads and stones, from Gurhan:

Trend #5: Link necklaces, the forever trend.

While the dainty layered look is still in favor, the newest look in neckwear is much bigger and bolder. We saw this earlier in the Natural Diamond Council’s trend report.

Meanwhile, the still-popular paper clip link is a good bridge between dainty and bold. Here’s a 14k gold 4.2 mm paperclip chain from Royal Chain, below top, and a medium-heavy link chain from Elite Designs Inc., below bottom.

Trend #6: Layered Silver

Last, but not least, take any of the trends mentioned above and translate them into silver. WhoWhatWear says, "the pop-punk aesthetic is thriving, and it's bringing a whole chunk of fashion trends along with it. On the clothing side, it's plaid and leather. For accessories, it's layered metal and silver jewelry." Don't be afraid to mix pearls in with silver, too--this summer's iteration is a softer, less spike-in-your-face style. Here's a start with some pieces from Pesavento.

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