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Six Reasons Why Good Employees Leave February 17, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—What’s the most common reason for employees to leave? Hint: it’s not just the money.

According to a Gallup study cited by, 50% of employees leave a job because of their boss. While some attrition is to be expected, high turnover is a sign of a more dysfunctional workplace.

JustWorks identified six chief reasons why employees—and usually your better ones—leave:

  1. The boss has no trust in the staff: a micromanager who demands constant status updates and can’t let go saps productivity and morale.
  2. Overwork. The employee who goes the extra mile is an excellent motivator for the rest of the staff—until they’ve had enough and leave.
  3. Fearmongering. Fear should never be your biggest motivator.
  4. Disorganization and lack of direction. Set clear expectations and avoid never-ending tweaks.
  5. Lack of concern for employees. Both small gestures like smiling and making conversation everyday, and large gestures like giving time off for important family or health matters, are important.
  6. Rewarding the wrong people. Sometimes the best-qualified people slip through the cracks at promotion time, so invest in making sure it doesn’t happen to your best people.

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