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Strategic Blogging: A Key to Increased Sales for Online Retailers November 16, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Online retailers are finding success by incorporating blogs into their websites. This approach has led to increased organic search traffic and sales.

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Per an article published in Digital Commerce 360, a prime example is Azazie, an online bridal merchant, which refocused its blogging strategy in Q2 2023. The goal was to improve search engine rankings, as marketing manager Keily Hernandez explained. The blog, launched in 2019, initially served promotional purposes but lacked a dedicated team and a clear SEO focus, hindering its performance in search results.

Revamped Strategy Yields Results

Azazie revamped its blog strategy, updating content one to two times weekly with a monthly focus on specific keywords. This integrated approach, which includes social media and influencer content, resulted in a 24% increase in sales revenue attributed to organic search from April to September 2023. Furthermore, sales from customers who engaged with the blog content rose by 50% during the same period.

Industry Trends and Implementation

The report highlights a Gartner analysis from March 2023, showing that approximately 47% of U.S. retailers have blogs or editorial content on their sites. This content variety, from product-related articles to company history, aims to increase traffic, conversion rates, and lower return rates. However, effective execution and significant investment in content creation are crucial for success.

Consumer Engagement with Blogs

Despite only 6% of online shoppers considering blog content essential for a good shopping experience, retailers recognize its indirect value. For instance, Made In, a cookware brand, attributes about 25% of its site traffic to its blog. The brand's blog receives 2 million page views monthly, contributing significantly to engagement and sales.

Content as a Value-Add

Retailers like Made In focus on educational content, integrating it into the customer journey. This strategy has helped the brand differentiate itself from competitors and foster a loyal customer base. Similarly, the report gives an example of, which utilizes blogs across its brands to deepen customer relationships and enhance post-purchase engagement.

Strategic Content Planning

Successful blogging requires input from multiple departments, including customer service and marketing. Azazie, for example, uses customer service inquiries to inform blog topics, ensuring relevance and aiding in customer assistance. Meanwhile, Made In gathers shopper feedback to tailor its content, focusing on post-purchase product care and usage.

Long-Term SEO and Content Investments

Implementing an effective blog strategy is not a quick fix; it can take years to see substantial results. The investment includes not only content creation but also technology integration for personalization. As Brad Jashinsky from Gartner notes in the article, reallocating content across various platforms maximizes the return on these investments.

Learn more in the entire article on Digital Commerce 360.

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