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The Plumb Club Podcast: Do You Know What Goes Into Your Product Wholesale Price? June 08, 2021 (0 comments)


Englewood, NJ--The Plumb Club announces a new podcast giving retailers a better understanding of how their products are priced by their vendors.

Do You Know What Goes into Your Product Wholesale Price? Ever wonder how your suppliers arrive at the price they charge you? Corinna Bhasin provides insight into the various costs and elements that make up a product wholesale price. She discusses bills of materials and how changing markets and commodities can affect the price and value of a piece resulting in differing prices during the lifespan of a style. Corinna Bhasin is the Vice President of F.D. Worldwide Merchandise Group. A merchandising and manufacturing house for fine jewelry since 1994.

Click here to listen and click here for the full slate of Plum Club podcasts.

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