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Treat Your Customers Like Royalty: Kate Middleton’s Timeless Gold Hoops Are An Easy Sell |  August 25, 2021 (0 comments)


London, UK—With access to some of the world’s most precious and pricey jewels, you’d think Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wouldn’t wear cheap costume baubles. 

But the Duchess, whose classic, elegant style is emulated the world over, often does just that. She’s well known not only for re-wearing her favorite outfits, but also for mixing in high street fashion with designer duds.

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The Duchess isn’t one for piling on heaps of jewelry, and certainly not during the day. She seems to adhere to the old adage that says get completely dressed and then take off one piece of jewelry to avoid looking overdone. Her daytime jewelry picks lean toward delicate and discreet, and earrings often are the only thing she adds to her engagement and wedding ring and a watch.

Middleton is a fan of small drop earrings, a universally flattering style. Her other frequent go-to earring is a small gold hoop—and many of the ones she’s been spotted in recently aren’t fine jewelry. In fact, the Orelia small gold chain hoop she recently wore costs just $22 and her twisted gold hoop from Asos cost just $14.50—if you can get your hands on any, because anything seen on the Duchess usually sells out in a matter of hours.

She’s also a fan of a hoop with a dangling pearl or other charm hanging from it. It’s an easy look and very flattering and offers multiple opportunities for add-on sales. She’s also been spotted in square hoops, such as the 18k plated pair she wore from Welsh brand Spells of Love

The website where Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, found her chain hoop earrings.

While the Duchess of Cambridge might have a collection of costume jewelry, she’s also got a vault full of the real thing. For your customers, evoke the royal feeling with real jewelry every day. Here are some fine jewelry versions of gold hoops that have been seen on the Duchess

14k yellow Byzantine earrings, Herco.

Gold and pearl drop dangle earrings with diamond accents, Mastoloni.

24K twist gold hoop, medium size, Gurhan.

Diamond mini-hoops in 14k white gold with 0.12 ctw of diamonds. Also available in yellow or rose. KC Designs.

Geometric hoop earrings in 14k rose gold, Stuller.

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