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Trendspotting: The Amazing Sales Power Of The Good Luck Charm |  February 24, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—What’s the latest fine jewelry trend the fashion crowd is embracing? According to consumer fashion website WhoWhatWearit’s the good luck charm. Image: "Travel" Compass charm necklace, diamond initial four image locket and mini moon key with diamonds, Monica Rich Kosann  

In the WhoWhatWear article, author Michaela Bushkin writes, I’ll never forget the first piece of fine jewelry I owned: a dainty tennis bracelet gifted to me at age 13 by my stepmom. It was more than just a gift though—it was a family heirloom passed down from her great-grandmother to every woman in the family thereafter, and now, it was mine. I was mesmerized by it. And since I was advised to only wear the bracelet on important occasions, it became a kind of good luck charm for me. I felt special and stylish and, quite honestly, powerful when I had it on. This was the first time I understood the impact a single piece of jewelry can make not only on an outfit but also a person’s mood. Over a decade later, I have collected many rings, necklaces, and more that hold equally important memories. Some were gifts from loved ones to celebrate a major milestone and others I purchased myself while traveling somewhere new for the first time.”

Symbols of Protection” also is Le Vian’s theme of the year for 2021, as revealed in its jewelry trends forecast—reflecting this challenging time when everyone around the world needs a little extra reassurance. 

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What’s important to note in Bushkin’s recollection for WhoWhatWear is that the “good luck charm” she’s referring to is a bracelet, not an actual charm (as in something that hangs from a bail). Jewelers, of course, already know there’s little else that carries as much value as a personal talisman than fine jewelry and that the concept of a good luck charm is individual to each wearer. The earrings she wore for the interview that landed her dream job might become the same ones she wears for every important meeting for the rest of her career. Wearing his father's watch might give a man a boost of confidence every day. The family heirloom becomes not just a fond memory of mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, but a reminder of their protection, encouragement, or obstacles they overcame, even if they’ve long passed away. 

But the good luck charm that’s literally a charm is a trend. Best of all, good luck charms are a year-round sale, not occasion-specific, and give a jeweler something to offer for all customer budgets from the most modest to stratospheric. Bushkin’s article focuses specifically on the Rose des Vents collection of charms from Dior, but talisman charms of all kinds are a classic worth revisiting.

Some of the most common talismans include the evil eye, Hamsa, horn, horseshoe, or symbols of faith like a cross, Star of David, chai, and many more. The evil eye is meant to ward off a curse cast by a malevolent glare. In Italian tradition, the horn, or cornicello, pendant also wards off the curse of the evil eye. The Hamsa, or “Hand of God,” is a protective sign that many believe brings happiness, luck, health and more. A Hebrew chai equals the number 18, a symbol for life. 

Not all talismans are rooted in history: many are symbolic to the wearer, such as an engraved message or locket with a photo of a loved one, or simply something that represents a passion or personal motto. Here are some stylish good luck charm examples:

1. Traditional talismans:

Two iterations of the Evil Eye: eye-shaped in oxidized silver with white and turquoise enamel and white sapphire, above, and 24k gold charm with turquoise and ceramic, below. Both, Lika Behar.

“Strawberry Gold” and “Vanilla Diamond” cross, Le Vian:

14k gold and diamond initial, moon, and Hamsa charms, KC Designs:

Diamond Chai from Elite Designs:

2. Personally meaningful charms:

A. Jaffe’s Map collection features an actual map with the wearer’s most meaningful location marked by a diamond, with or without engraving on reverse:

18k gold and diamond starburst charm necklace from Doves’ Medallion collection.

Compass in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, Monica Rich Kosann:

A collection of personalized message charms from Heather Moore:

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