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What Really Makes A Sales Winner? May 13, 2015 (0 comments)


Mission Viejo, CA—One of the things that separates a top performer from the rest of the herd is consistency of execution. Author and sales expert Dave Brock, in his Partners In Excellence blog, says that—as much as talent and training—is what sets apart the winners.

He says, “If we’ve been selling for some time, we’ve probably been through a lot of training, we’ve read some books, we have some experiences under our belts.  We know what we should be doing.  We know what creates success. Often, the only difference in performance becomes consistency of execution.   Top performers do the right things with the right people at the right time more often. When I speak with top performers, they always have a ‘formula.’  And they stick to it. They may not know how to express it, but they know what it is.  They know how many prospecting calls they have to do this week to make their numbers. They’re driven less by the goal management has set, but they have internalized their personal experience, they know what works, and they do it every time.”

Dave Brock

Others know what works, he says, but they don’t consistently execute on it. Whether it’s forgetting a step, looking for shortcuts, or simply getting distracted, the less-than-stellar performers have some outstanding results but they don’t adhere to that winning formula time after time, says Brock. And the worst performers tend to be completely oblivious of what they did when they do have success, thus they’re unable to repeat it.

Read his full article on consistency of execution here.  

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