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Jeweler’s Values Help Attract Stellar Candidate |  June 26, 2019 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV—Good hiring is an ongoing challenge for any jeweler. Not only must they find the right kind of skills for a successful salesperson, but also security concerns add an additional layer of complexity to ensure you’re getting a highly skilled candidate, not a highly skilled con artist. 

“Hire personality, teach skills” has been a successful formula for some jewelers. For instance, when Texas-based Brian Alter decided to try looking at candidates outside the jewelry industry, he found a great sales director almost immediately. Even better, the candidate already was living in his local market, saving relocation costs.

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And sometimes the right candidate just drops in, as it were. At M.J. Christensen in Las Vegas, jeweler Darlene Miller was looking for a part-time salesperson and instead found a highly talented marketing expert that she hired full time for business development. The candidate, who had recently moved to Las Vegas, was seeking a job in the jewelry industry. She did her homework, researching the area and looking up all the area jewelers online to see which store looked the most interesting and promising. The MJ Christensen website provided a good explanation of the jeweler’s core values that resonated with the candidate: 

“As a jeweler with over 80 years of experience, we achieved our reputation by adhering to a rigorous set of core values that guide us every day. As an American Gem Society Jeweler and family of professionals, we take pride in sharing our commitment to you:

"We were identified as a desirable employer by an individual that was new to Las Vegas and looking for a job in the jewelry industry,” says Miller. The MJ Christensen site also explains what American Gem Society membership requires, with a direct quote from AGS that only one in 20 jewelers qualifies, further reinforcing the jeweler’s reputation.

“She connected with everything she read and saw on our website. She liked that we are community-minded and charitable. She read our reviews and checked our Google rating. And as we learned more about her, we hired her not as a part-time sales associate, but as a full-time marketer, sales and business development. She’s a great asset to our team.” 

MJ Christensen's "About Us" page details the store's history but also its core values, above.

MJ Christensen works with Podium to help gather customer reviews—just over 100 now, with an average rating of 4.8 (out of 5). Miller believes that strategy helped to find her new hire.

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“The moral of the story is, your Google rating is more than just about garnering new customers,” says Miller. Read more about reviews and Google analytics for jewelers here, here, and here.

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