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Driving Retail Sales with Strategic In-Store Events September 14, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Brands leverage in-store events to establish an authentic consumer connection. As shoppers increasingly seek tactile, in-person experiences, brands create impactful in-store events that underscore product uniqueness. 

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An article in WWD highlighted a 2023 PwC report from earlier this year, which revealed that 43% of shoppers favor in-store purchases, with 11% of online customers considering a switch to physical buying. The beauty segment remains resilient despite retail challenges, with 70% of consumers undeterred from spending on beauty products, as per Circana data.

Per the WWD article, Beauty Barrage, a top-tier retail sales agency with over 300 brand ambassadors across North America, champions the in-store event strategy. Sonia Summers, the CEO, emphasizes these events' profound impact on brand loyalty. She affirmed in the report that events are the perfect prescription for elevating the brand experience.

Guided by experts like Julie Aoun and Brandon Tucker, Beauty Barrage plans and executes brand promotions, fostering genuine interactions between brand ambassadors and consumers. Tucker notes the importance of events in building brand loyalty, remarking that events bring the customer community together.

Events offer brands a multifaceted platform. Aoun points out in the report that these events drive brand awareness, build loyalty, increase market share, and foster emotional ties with consumers. Tucker further emphasized the rising customer interest in in-store events as they provide an interactive platform to discover new solutions and enjoy shopping.

The report noted that Beauty Barrage collaborates closely with brands to set clear goals and objectives when orchestrating an event.

From sales to brand awareness, the company offers varied event types – store-generated events, masterclasses, corporate events, and blitzes – tailored to align with brand objectives.

Learn more about the approach in the entire WWD article.

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