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How Nicolas Tranchant Boosted Traffic to His Jewelry Site Using SEO October 19, 2023 (0 comments)


Mexico City, Mexico--In the heart of Mexico, Nicolas Tranchant, a jewelry business owner, tapped into the vast potential of SEO, drawing over 40,000 monthly visits to his Vivalatina site. 

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An article published in Jewelry Shoot shows his journey and the techniques he mastered.

Nicolas's Drive for Independence

According to the article, relying on online marketplaces hindered Tranchant due to fluctuating rules and commissions. He desired a distinct brand identity for Vivalatina, a dream he felt marketplaces couldn't accommodate.

The Crucial Role of Marketing

Though Tranchant had a business blueprint, he recognized marketing as the linchpin for success. The expansive domain of marketing initially overwhelmed him. He spread himself thin across multiple platforms: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and SEO. 

Juggling these, along with his business operations, was a challenge. Hence, he streamlined his focus solely on SEO, which paid dividends.

Tryst with SEO

For Tranchant, the essence of SEO was to demonstrate expertise via insightful blog posts and earn Google's trust through strategic backlinks. He appreciated the cost-effectiveness and enduring nature of SEO.

Why Blogging Became His Cornerstone

For Tranchant, a blog was indispensable. It stood a testament to his expertise and offered a platform to establish credibility. More importantly, it seamlessly guided readers toward his product pages, enhancing conversion opportunities.

Tranchant's Blueprint for Keyword Research

The article noted that Tranchant leaned on tools like Keysearch, Secockpit, and Ahrefs for his keyword research. His criteria for a perfect keyword encompassed

A Dive into Multilingual SEO

Expanding linguistically offered Tranchant a broader consumer spectrum. With modern technology, he found translating his website to cater to non-native demographics feasible. This very approach paved his entry into the Spanish-speaking market.

Learn more in the entire Jewelry Shoot article.

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