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Insights From Google’s VP on Amplifying Retail Sales With Google’s AI January 26, 2024 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--The festive season is crucial for retailers aiming to boost their sales. Jane Butler, Google's Vice President of Retail E-commerce Sales, discusses with Fairchild Studio (highlighted in a WWD report) the importance of aligning with the consumer mindset and employing Google's AI-driven tools to convert interest into sales effectively.

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Understanding the Holiday Shopper's Evolution

Butler highlights that holiday shoppers transition through four specific mindsets: deliberate, deal-seeking, determined, and devoted. Initially, in July, consumers are deliberate, meticulously selecting gifts for their loved ones and formulating their wish lists.

As the season progresses into October and November, they shift to a deal-seeking mode, scouting for high-quality, cost-effective gift options. Come December, determination sets in as they strive to finalize their holiday shopping. Post-December 25, the mindset switches to devoted, with shoppers indulging in post-holiday purchases for themselves.

Recognizing these mindsets and leveraging AI-driven tools to engage consumers at each phase allows retailers to enhance sales, engage omnichannel shoppers effectively, and forge connections with valuable customers throughout and beyond the holiday season.

Capitalizing on Key Channels for Brand Engagement

Butler emphasizes in the article the importance of transcending traditional commerce strategies to captivate and inspire consumers, driving discovery and demand.

Video, especially on platforms like YouTube, emerges as a potent medium for crafting compelling brand experiences. With YouTube being a prime destination for online shoppers, it is an invaluable channel for engaging with valuable customers year-round.

The platform not only aids shoppers in making swifter decisions but also ensures a high retention rate of purchases, thereby shortening the shopping journey and fostering confidence in their buying decisions.

Streamlining the Shopping Experience in the Final Stretch

As the year draws to a close, retailers face the challenge of addressing the increasingly fragmented consumer shopping journey. Determined shoppers use every available resource to complete their purchases, especially in crunch time.

The role of digital resources becomes more pronounced post-cyber period, highlighting the significance of an effective holiday marketing strategy.

AI-powered tools like Video Action and Performance Max campaigns are instrumental in reaching consumers across various touchpoints precisely when they are poised to purchase. This approach is practical in catering to the determined shopper and sets the stage for engaging the devoted shopper who continues their shopping spree post-December 25.

Sustaining Momentum into the New Year

Butler advises retailers not to diminish their efforts post-holidays, as significant consumer spending and high search volumes for gift-related queries persist into January. This period presents an optimal opportunity for retailers to cultivate loyalty and profitability among new and existing customers.

The weeks following December 25 are particularly crucial for app downloads, making it a suitable time for retailers to promote their apps. Data suggests that app users exhibit greater loyalty and a higher lifetime value, highlighting the importance of focusing on app-based customer engagement as part of the post-holiday strategy.

Read the entire article in WWD.

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