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How To Boost Sales With Visual Merchandising Techniques March 10, 2021 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—Successful visual merchandising tells an imaginative, visual story that reinforces your customers' faith in your brand. 

This article from outlines some key elements to making sure your visual merchandising is moving the needle on sales. “You can start by analyzing your weekly sales data, and determine if your present displays are affecting conversions. POS data, stock levels and local trends — these data points will change regularly, but they will give you a fix on the products' your customers are most aware of and are purchasing the most,” says the article, written by Ray Ko, senior e-commerce manager at ShopPOPDisplays.

A quick summation of five tips from the article:

Inspire interaction with technology and signage. One example: tablets in standing display holders that let customers explore product details, participate in surveys, take quizzes, learn ways to use or wear a product, and point them to the right products to buy.

Curate thoughtfully. “This is where your data-driven knowledge about your customers' tastes and lifestyle choices is so important,” says the article. Reducing clutter in retail displays will help them make a decision, whereas too much merchandise creates confusion and hurts sales.

Window display. Use window displays to give a taste of what in-store experiences await. Position key products at eye-level or close to it.

Fresh aisles. Create visual breaks in long aisles in your store. Try interactive technology displays, stations where shoppers can try products, or even just a well merchandised selection of products that go together, says the article.

Sales per categoryis the metric that shows which types of products are most popular and bringing in the most revenue. Once you have this data, optimize your visual merchandising to feature those more prominently.

Read the complete article and full description of these tips here.

Top image: Swiss goldsmith Christoph Krahenmann used ongoing road construction in front of his retail shop in Zurich as an inspiration for a display window by adding rebar and other construction materials as props for his jewelry. See more of his windows here and here.

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