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Richa Singh of Natural Diamond Council on Embracing the Digital Age September 12, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Richa Singh, managing director of India & Middle East at Natural Diamond Council, believes that while the pandemic popularized virtual interactions, the in-store experience is irreplaceable. The future, she predicts, lies in an integrated experience that balances both.

[Image via Richa Singh/LinkedIn]

Asked by Social Samosa about navigating the dynamic consumer mindset, Singh highlights the timelessness of the diamond industry.

While strategies might shift, the core message — of love, memories, and style — persists. Today, the focus is more digital, backed by research to understand millennials and Gen Z generations.

On building trust in an age of misinformation, Singh says it's crucial to advance the integrity of the diamond industry. By ensuring accurate information dissemination and combating myths, brands can establish trust.

For a successful marketing campaign, insights are key. Natural Diamond Council seeks to unearth latent desires and provide answers, aiding consumers in purchasing decisions.

With over two decades in advertising and marketing, Singh is driven by the evolving consumer landscape. Celebrity-led campaigns, like the one with Lily James, amplify reach and align with brand values.

Regarding future marketing strategies, Singh emphasizes addressing consumer misconceptions and consistently delivering relevant content rather than just during peak seasons.

For aspiring women leaders, Singh's advice is collaboration, resilience, and creating an open and supportive environment.

Learn more in the entire interview at Social Samosa.

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