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The Month In Review: May May 28, 2019 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—As the industry heads into the Las Vegas jewelry shows, lab-grown diamonds again make headlines. Although perhaps nothing will ever be as big of a bombshell as last year’s announcement that De Beers was launching its own lab-grown brand, an independent study cast some big doubts on the sector’s energy claims. Terry Burman (left), former CEO of the Sterling chain, joins other heavy-hitters getting into the lab-grown market, and the sector is getting itself organized with the launch of the LGDC, headed up by two longtime industry execs. Its first mission is to create sustainability standards, possibly in response to the DPA-commissioned study. 

In case you missed those and other stories, here was the top news of May:

Former Sterling CEO Joins Other Luxury C-Suite Execs In Lab-Grown Diamond E-Tail Venture

Independent Report Finds Lab-Grown Diamonds May Use More Energy, Not Less, Than Mined

Gender Equality In Jewelry Really Is A Major Problem

So How Much Do We Spend On Jewelry And Watches?

Lab Grown Diamond Council To Create Sustainability Standards

Remembering Leo Schachter

Jewelry Box Leads Police To A Serial Killer

Trabert & Hoffer To Close

The Real Cost Of Discretionary Discounting

Strategic Merchandising And Open To Buy, Parts One and Two

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